Wednesday, 16 January 2008

The Amazing Interplanetary Adventures of Flash Gordon - Part One

Performed and recorded 5th May 2007 @ The Ramshorn Theatre, Glasgow
Directed by Bruce Downie

‘THRILLING STRANGE WORLD ADVENTURES!!! .... From Alex Raymond's Famous Newspaper Strip!’

A strange planet is hurtling towards earth, seemingly on a collision course. Flash Gordon and Dale Arden, journey with Doctor Zarkov to intercept the planet and avert disaster, but instead find themselves caught in the clutches of the evil tyrant, Ming The Merciless.

James Ashton will play the part of Flash Gordon.
Elaine Catrine Gracie will play Dale Arden.
James Keenan will play Emperor Ming and General Tahl.
Katy Townsend will play the Princess Aura and Queen Azura
Paul Kozinski will play Prince Barin and Prince Vultan
Stuart Bishop will play Doctor Zarkov
Martin McNaughton will play the announcer

(to listen or download the recording, please use the link below

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