Monday, 14 January 2008

Brief Encounter

Performed and recorded on 14th February 2007 @ The Ramshorn Theatre Glasgow
Directed by Bruce Downie

This is a story of one man’s wife and another woman’s husband, that could never happen to you. For you’ve never lived a lifetime in one Brief Encounter. This is the story of Alec Harvey and Laura Jessons and the life lived in the commuter section of a railway station.

Set in a mundane world of railway stations, semi-detached houses and inexpensive cafes, a respectable suburban housewife has a chance meeting with a handsome married doctor, their friendship becomes romance, but they feel the pressures of convention pulling their relationship apart.

Laura Jessons played by Ailsa MacLeod
Alec Harvey played by Neil McCormack
Mary played by Maggie Lovell
Fred played by Adam Howard

(to listen or download the recording, please use the link below

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