Wednesday, 16 January 2008

The Killers

Performed and recorded on 21st November 2007 @ The Ramshorn Theatre, Glasgow
Directed by Bruce Downie

TENSE! TAUT! TERRIFIC! told the untamed Hemingway way!

Two professional killers invade a small town and kill a gas station attendant, "the Swede," who's expecting them. Insurance investigator Lubinsky pursues the case against the orders of his boss, who considers it trivial. Weaving together threads of the Swede's life, Lubinsky uncovers a complex tale of treachery and crime, all linked with gorgeous, mysterious Kitty Collins.

Derek McDonald plays Ole 'Swede' Anderson
Lisa Queen plays Kittie Collins
Todd Thorn plays Lubinsky
Bruce Downie plays Jim Colfax

(to listen or download the recording, please use the link below)

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