Thursday, 1 May 2008

Carmilla by J Sheridan Le Fanu. Narrated by Louisa Thornton. Chapter 15 - Ordeal and Execution

A new podcast from Radio Theatre Group
The Classic Vampire Story -
by J Sheridan Le Fanu
Narrated by Louisa Thornton

Chapter 15 – Ordeal and Execution

Listen to or download Chapter 15 using the following link

Carmilla - Chapter 15 - Ordeal and Execution

Chapter 16 of Carmilla – Conclusion - will be available in the afternoon of Thursday 1st May

An excerpt from Chapter 15 of Le Fanu’s novel –

You have heard, no doubt, of the appalling superstition that prevails in
Upper and Lower Styria, in Moravia, Silesia, in Turkish Serbia, in
Poland, even in Russia; the superstition, so we must call it, of
the Vampire.

If human testimony, taken with every care and solemnity, judicially,
before commissions innumerable, each consisting of many members, all
chosen for integrity and intelligence, and constituting reports more
voluminous perhaps than exist upon any one other class of cases, is
worth anything, it is difficult to deny, or even to doubt the existence
of such a phenomenon as the Vampire.

For my part I have heard no theory by which to explain what I myself
have witnessed and experienced, other than that supplied by the ancient
and well-attested belief of the country.

Introducing, as Laura, the narrator of Carmilla
Louisa Thornton

A talented and versatile performer, Louisa’s theatre credits include lead roles in Sharman McDonald’s When We Were Women, Liz Lochead’s Perfect Days and Muriel Spark’s The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie.

Louisa has also performed in previous productions for Radio Theatre Group, most recently, as the deadly femme fatale Cora Papadakis in The Postman Always Rings Twice and in 2004, as Red Riding Hood in A Company of Wolves.

Louisa can be contacted on Casting Call and on MySpace

Each chapter of Carmilla will be available to download or as a podcast on from the following sources - MySpace, Blogger, Glasgow Theatre Underground and itunes

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