Friday, 22 February 2008

Rear Window - Episode 4

Radio Theatre Group
Rear Window
Episode 4 -
James Keenan

Hal Jeffries remains covinced that his neighbour, Lars Thorwald, has murdered his wife, but the police have been unable to prove anything. So Hal determines to trick Thorwald into revealing the location of the body, but in doing so, runs a deadly risk. Will Thorwald attempt to escape, or, now aware that he's being watched, do what is necessary to cover his tracks?

Will Hal become his next victim?

To listen to episode 4, please use the link below. Left click on the link to play or right click to download

Rear Window - Episode 4

The fifth and final episode of Rear Window will be available on the 29th of February.
James Keenan can be contacted on his Casting Call page at Casting Call or on Spotlight at Spotlight: JAMES KEENAN
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