Friday, 29 February 2008

Rear Window - Episode 5

Radio Theatre Group
Rear Window
Episode 5
James Keenan

The Final, Thrilling instalment

Hal Jeffries, has been watching his neighbour, Lars Thorwald, for days, convinced the man has murdered his wife.

But with the evidence against him and the police sceptical, Hal takes matters into his own hands, sending an anonymous note to provoke the killer into revealing a crucial bit of evidence. The bluff fails. But just as Hal realises where the body must be hidden, Thorwald exits, casting the briefest of glances in Hal’s direction.

Hal is too distracted to notice the imminent danger in that backward glance – and tries to call the police about the body.

A moment later, the phone goes dead - and Hal realises the killer must be somewhere in the house with him – ready to strike at any moment.

To listen or download episode 5, please click on the link below

Rear Window - Episode 5

The multi-talented James Keenan can be contacted on his Casting Call page at Casting Call or on Spotlight at Spotlight: JAMES KEENAN
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